Health Care

The medical market right now has a huge workload that can make physicians and other medical staff quite overwhelmed. We’ll take the pressure off any medical practice that needs some experts helping them out. We would make sure to do away with any revenue loss and enhance your business flow. To this end, we offer the following services in Health Care

RCM (Revenue Cycle ManagementMedical Billing & Coding Services

Credentialing ServiceFront Office Management

Internal Audit & Compliance

Medical Billing Services

We get in touch with relevant companies and look up patient information for you. This would ensure that you only fulfill claims that are genuine and absolutely accurate. That’s all we’ll ever submit to you; the outliers would be automatically filtered out. Our professional team is highly experienced and familiar with medical billing. They would make sure all requirements from payers are met. The team would also ensure service providers are properly reimbursed.

In order to make the reimbursements easier, we have revolutionized the approach to small and medium-sized medical practices. Our Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management Services would allow any such practices to handle claims in a rapid, clean, simple, and affordable manner.One way to go about it is to hire experts to do the job for you so that your compliance and revenue systems are optimized. If you hire us to do the job for you, rest assured you will have a panel of experts doing the billing and coding for you. We will ensure that there are no delays, claim submissions are streamlined, and all administrative tasks are cost- and time-effective.


These transcription services are aimed at businesses, contact centers, research facilities, medical centers and educational organizations.Our teams of experts come from diverse academic backgrounds and strive to provide the finest quality through each piece of work. Prior to bringing each expert on-board, a rigorous session of training and assessment is carried out in order to ensure that the best candidates work with you. The purpose of this precise screening is to hire the perfect individual. 

The advantages you will be receiving from us are:

  • Dedicated and expert coders who will be handling your account
  • Tailor-made protocols and polices
  • A proper workflow that ensures all codes, statuses and records are tracked
  • A versatile engine that ensures the support of compliance and accurate code assignment
  • Automatic charge entry system so that there is no need for manual entries
  • A process to point out all documentation problems

Contact Center

In BPO (Business Process Outsource) many startups, medium-sized businesses, and even huge corporations have trouble adjusting to all the services required in the business world. With the market changing every day, many companies would lose their standing if they weren’t able to pivot and adapt to new trends. Hence, you can outsource your needs to us, and we will remove that possibility.

  • Inbound Calls
  • Outbound Calls
  • Email and Chat Support


Financial Services


We are a diverse team of Accountants and Financial analysts with over 7 years of experience in financial consulting services with clients in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world in QuickBooks Online, Xero, Wave, Microsoft Excel, and QuickBooks Desktop.

We specialize in:

1- Setting Up Chart Of Accounts
2- Preparing Financial Statements (Profit and Loss Account, Balance sheet, Cash flow statements, and notes to Accounts)
3- Maintaining Account Receivables & Payables
4- Reconciliations of Banks and Credit Cards
5- Budgeting, Forecasting & Ratio Analysis
6- Creating sales receipts and invoices
7- Following IFRS & GAAP

Reasons to Consider Us:

– 100% Accuracy
– On-time delivery
– 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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