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FingTap is a 3D (develop, design, deliver) solution provider. We meet the vast range of requirements of businesses and industries in a sustainable manner. Our services are affordable by small and medium-sized corporates to large corporates in the corporate world. We combine our skills, knowledge and professional practices with the clients’ needs to come up with the best possible solutions according to your requirements.

The combination of people and IT is an effective combination that ensures the company’s success. Our deep knowledge with the latest technology helps us to guide as to which is practical and cost-efficient.

FingTap 3D Solutions

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Global Coverage

Based on stars? No problem we are there for you! Serving globally, Especially in EMEA, AFRICA & APAC zones with Multiple regional offices and local teams.

Local Teams

Problem at earth then why call aliens? We are your next-door neighbor to give you a hand you never know – knock today!

Affordable Prices

Too Expensive or out of budget? Does not work with us because We listen, believe in adaptability & customise needs hence giving prices as per your budget is our priority.


Your machine is heating up? Don’t call a doctor for a temperature check, we are the right choice with expert advice & solutions to your dedicated needs!


Facing communication barriers? Or when was the last time you spoke your mother tongue? Well, no more with us as our experts can Communicate in Multiple Languages

Multi-Domain Clients

This is a world of Multitasking & Parallel projections but you have only 2 hands, let us take care of your multi-domain needs with one click!

24 / 7 / 365

Living in different world & time zones, not a worry at all our Round the Clock availability is a good match and catch!

Qualitative Support

Believe in Quality or Quantity? Difficult choice… Well we will take care both for you virtually and physically because the plan is nothing and planning is everything!

Fingtap 3D Solutions




FingTap Services

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To collaborate with FingTap Solutions, you will need to fill the form to make a request. You can find the form below of this page.

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On processing your request, we would contact you within 7 working days. This intro call will be about getting to know each other’s businesses more.


After the intro call, the NDA will be provided to the requested party to sign. It is mandatory for the partnership.

Project Discussion

Your project will be discussed in detail whether it is the requirements, processes, payments, or whatever that may be.

On Boarding

If all the parties are on agreeable terms, then Welcome Onboard!


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